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On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the international football tournament of Pordenone: Gallini World Cup.

Where will take place the edition 2018?

The next edition of Gallini World Cup will take place as usual in Pordenone, a medieval town situated one hour from Venice.
More about Pordenone or View Map

What is the program of the edition 2018?

The edition 2018 will start on Friday the 30th of March, with the first matches and the opening ceremony, and will end on Monday the 2nd of April with the finals.

Here is the full program.

Where can I find the full schedule of the matches?

The full schedule of the matches of Gallini World Cup 2018 will be disclosed during the press conference on Saturday the 24th February at 11 AM.

The press conference will take place in the Liceo Grigoletti of Pordenone and you can watch it live streaming on Facebook.

How can I register my team?

Registrations for the tournament of Pordenone are now closed.

It is instead possible to register to Gallini Cup of Budapest, that will take place on 9 and 10 June 2018. Winners will be hosted for free in Italy for Gallini World Cup 2019.

Fill this form to ask additional informations.

When my registration will be confirmed?

The registration will be considered confirmed after the payment of the subscription fee of the team.

What categories are involved in the tournament?

The categories involved in Gallini World Cup 2018 are 3:
– Boys under 15 (2003-2004)
– Boys under 13 (2005-2006)
– Ladies under 17 (2001-2002)

How many teams will take part of edition 2018?

These numbers should change for organizational needs:
 – Group boys U15 with 32 teams;
 – Group boys U13 with 32 teams;
 – Group Ladies U17 with 12 teams;

How many matches will be played?

Every team will play at least 5 matches. The final numbers of matches depends on the ranking.

How long are the matches?

Boys U13 = 40 minutes (20+20)
Boys U15 = 50 minutes (25+25)
Ladies U17 = 50 minutes (25+25)

How many players can take part to the tournament?

Every team can register not more then 25 players. The final list must be filled before the first match and can not be modify lately.

How many players will be on the pitch?

Boys Under 15 = 11 v 11
Boys Under 13 = 9 v 9
Ladies Under 17 = 11 v 11

What are the dimension of the pitches?

Ladies U17: regular dimensions 11 v 11

Boys U15: regular dimensions 11 v 11

Boys U13: reduced dimensions of pitch and goals 9 v 9

Are loans allowed?

In the U17 and U15 groups every team can have 3 loans from other Clubs.
In the U13 group loans are NOT allowed.

How are changes regulated during the match?

A maximum of 7 players can be replaced by substitutes during the course of the game.
Flying changes are not allowed, so the referee has to stop the match.
A player that has been replaced, can’t return into the field with another substitution.

Where can I find the rules of the tournament of Pordenone?

The official rules of Gallini World Cup will be send by FIGC few weeks before the beginning of the tournament. These are the temporary rules, that anyway will be very similar to the definitive rules of the tournament:

Rules 2017 Boys U15 (2017)
Rules 2017 Boys U13
Rules 2017 Ladies (2017)

Where can I find videos and pictures of the last editions?

This is an interesting Post-Event Video Report of the last edition.
Other videos of Gallini World Cup are available on the Facebook page.

The best pictures of the tournament are posted on the profile Instagram of PlayInItaly.
All other pictures are divided in folders on the Facebook page, like this one about the Opening Ceremony.

Is there another tournament connected with Gallini World Cup?

Yes, there is a satellite event of Gallini World Cup.
It will take place in Budapest (Hungary) on the 9th and 10th June 2018.
The winners of both categories (U13 and U15) will be hosted for free in Italy for Gallini World Cup 2019.
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