Do you know what makes Italy beautiful? For example 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the biggest number of every other Country in the World. But do you know what makes it amazing? The cozy dimensions of the Bel Paese, that gives you the chance to visit almost every part of the Country in just few days, although there are so many things to see that you will never end to discover this incredible land.

And here’s what the world says about Friuli-Venezia Giulia, hosting region of Gallini World Cup.

Lonely Planet awards Friuli as the fourth most beautiful region to see in the world, while for Skyscanner Fagagna is one of the 20 most beautiful cities in Italy. Vogue about the region says “Unbelievably Gorgeous”, The Guardian quotes “Fairytale villages” and according New York Times is “A secret garden home of one of the most refined food and wine culture”. Also for Smithsonian Friuli is really unmissable.

Discover with this gallery, some of the most beautiful places that you can easily reach from Pordenone.


I’m 8 minutes by train from Pordenone

Sacile, the Livenza river (© Turismo FVG)

Sacile is a beautiful town with a stunning historical city center. It’s called Porta del Friuli (Door of Friuli), for the fact that is right at the beginning of Friuli from Veneto.
You can clearly see the influences of Venice in the architecture and the culture, with in common the born on the water of the Mediterranean, or better, the Adriatic see.


I’m 45 minutes by car from Pordenone

Lignano by night (©

Lignano is a very famous European turist destination, thanks to his beautiful beaches and the great nightlife.
Music clubs, amusement parks and enchanting seasides, makes Lignano the perfect destination for whoever wants to have fun and enjoy the legendary Italian sun.


I’m 55 minutes by car from Pordenone

Aquileia, archeological area (© Adriabike)

Aquileia is one of the most historical cities of the Roman Empire, founded in 181 b.C.
This was the land of Popes and Saints, where you still can feel the atmosphere of the fascinating history of Rome.
So why not to take a bike like proposed by AdriaBike, to combine sport, history and adventure?


I’m 24 minutes by car from Pordenone

Gorgazzo, sorgente (©

Gorgazzo is the source of a small river that cross Polcenigo town before to join the Livenza.
Here you can see with your eyes, fossils and organisms 120 milions years old, in a breathtaking spectrum of pristine colours.
The record of immersion in this water is of 210 meters, but it’s still far to be completely discovered.
If you look closely, you can also see a stunning statue of Christ.


I’m 40 minutes by car from Pordenone

Piancavallo, overview (©

Piancavallo is the dream place for the snow lovers.
It has hosted the Skii World Championship, with a mountaintop of 2,251 meters.
Here you can find also high class facilities for summer training camps for several sport disciplines.
Close to the town, there’s the wounderful forest of Cansiglio.


I’m 70 minutes by car from Pordenone

Trieste, castello di Miramare (©

Miramare is part of the city of Trieste, well known for his beautiful castle.
This neo-medieval beauty, is one of the most visited places in Italy, with an enchanting park of 22 hectars.
If you want to admire the gulf of Trieste, land loved by James Joyce, Umberto Saba, Italo Svevo and many others poets, you can’t miss the castle of Miramare and Piazza Unità, one of the most historical places of the Italian modern history.


I’m 45 minutes by car from Pordenone

Palmanova, aerial view (©

Palmanova is a Late Renaissance fort builded with a unique star map.
This town in the Province of Udine, was founded in the 16th Century by the Republic of Venice, to commemorate the victory over the Ottoman Turks in the Battle of Lepanto. It follows the humanistic theories of the ideal city, not only for the revolutionary defensive plan that gives to Palmanova the fantastic star shape, but also for it’s self-sustaining ecosystem of craftsmen, farmers and so on.
In Palmanova, you can also find the biggest outlet in Friuli, with shops of the best Italian and International brands.


I’m 75 minutes by train from Pordenone

Venice, Punta della Salute (©

Venice, the city of love, the city of gondola, San Marco, Canal Grande and many other worldwide famous gems.
You know you can’t miss it, but do you know that from Venice, with a fast train, you can be in Florence in only 2 hours and 5 minutes, or in Rome in 3 hours and 33 minutes? Yes, it’s amazing.


I’m 63 minutes by car from Pordenone

Pradis, Nature Acqua Park (©

Clauzetto, in Pradis, is a small town but with a real unique land, indeed here there’s the biggest number of mountain clefts in Europe!
This makes the Nature Acqua Park, the best place where to go canyoning, with astonishing paradises in pristines caves, rivers and rocks.
Just ask us to know more about the nice outdoor activities opportunities in these beautiful mountains, the best way to enjoy sport and adventure.


I’m 60 minutes by car from Pordenone

Gorizia, castello (©

Gorizia is the city of a well preserved castle builded in 1146.
Inside, you can find a museum with original furnitures and everything you need to feel like a 12th Century knight.
Don’t miss the chance to live the history, also with a walk in the nice old town.


I’m 34 minutes by train from Pordenone

Udine, Piazza San Giacomo (©

Udine was populated already during the Neolithic, now has residents.
The historical city center is a typical Medieval town, builded around the hill of his castle. The legend about his building says that Attila, in the year 452, after a raid in Aquileia asked to his soldiers to build a fort to admire his conquest from Udine.
If you don’t believe to the legend, the first written document about the castle is from 983. Still quite a long time, isn’t it?
Cosy streets with typical shops, bar and restaurants, the Duomo and the logge (plural of loggia), gives you the perfect feeling of a typical Italian city.


Well, I’m in Pordenone

Pordenone, Municipio (©

Pordenone is the main city where the World Youth Football Tournament “Memorial Franco Gallini” takes place.
Portus Naonis (port of the river Noncello), is the latin name of the city, which suggests the importance of the river for the growing of Pordenone. It was indeed inhabitated already from the Roman Empire, but has seen the “boom” thanks to the fluviale trades during the archduke of Austria and later the Republic of Venice.
Don’t miss the historical Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where you can find Medieval frescos and impressive buildings, with the wonderful Municipio. Or if you prefer shopping, just keep walking and after Piazza Cavour, you can reach Corso Garibaldi with his top Italian brands boutiques.
Remember to share your joy with the hashtags #MemorialGallini and #Pordenone2016, during the event we will give nice prizes to the best shots!

Upon request, we can provide the best experiences in these and many other unforgettable places, at incomparable prices.
Don’t miss the chance to live your Italian dreams while playing in one of the best youth football tournaments in the world.
See you in Pordenone!

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