Davide Santon, one of our most brilliant hall of fame member, has been forced to close his Instagram account after a storm of threats arrived for a mistake during a match.

Davide played the Gallini World Cup in 2006 with Inter Milan, we never stopped following him since because he is a talented hard work player that deserves to play in the best leagues.

We are not even going to speak about his performance, because you can’t judge a player by a second of his career, but you need to see the entire pathway and Davide, always proved to have skills, mindset and maturity to play in all the teams were he has been.

There’s no mistake that can justify life threats to someone and even his family. What happened is horrible, nobody should be forced to shout his voice because of the arrogance from ignorants that can only dream what he achieved. Santon, as a good guy as he is, he even asked sorry immediately after the end of the match.
Davide, you don’t need to be sorry.

We will always rembember you in Pordenone at our tournament, we will always remember that you have been the only defender to dominate Cristiano Ronaldo, we will always rembember the “Triplete”.

All the best Davide,
Gallini World Cup

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